Thursday, 20 January 2011

Absolutely hilarious Minecraft duo

Simon and Lewis of Yogscast fame have put down their traditional MMORPG games for while to make a whole series of hopelessly populist pandering videos about Minecraft. They have three series, so far. Luckily for us they put the videos into playlists for easy viewing. Here's the first playlist. The first video is embedded below but I suggest you watch the playlist version as there are loads of videos. And they're all in delicious HD.
What I love about these videos is how real they feel. Watching two bumbling idiots making their way through a game has never been so funny. They laugh, they joke, they fuck up, they bicker. And as Brit myself it's nice to see play-through videos featuring British accents every once in a while. The humour is very British, though, so don't bother watching if you can't stand that sort of thing.