Friday, 21 January 2011

Brand new Flash game. Zombies in colour. Aarrggbb!

Aarrggbb! is a new take on the zombie killing genre of flash games. A fast-paced puzzler that has you shoot colour-coded zombies with colour-coded bullets. 

Lots of shooting.
Obviously red zombies are impervious to blue bullets! Unreality aside, the game is fast, fun, and immensely difficult. Also, it's brand new, so you won't have played it before.

You'll be seeing this screen a lot.

Right now it's beta and it's buggy, if you like that sort of thing. Make sure to leave comments so the game's developer can make it more awesome.

Upgrades always make things more interesting.

The game is on the Gamer Stop website, right here. So go and play it already!


  1. wow, this looks fun. i'll check it out.

  2. definitely need to check this game out


  3. I'll give anything with zombies a chance! Great find

  4. ok ok i'll play it

  5. puzzles and guns? sign me up.

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  6. played it. pretty hard game. Following!

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  7. I was playing this one and when it shows the next zombie color on the crosshairs, if I pay attention to that I'll end up shooting the wrong zombie on accident sometimes. This is a very challenging game in the later levels.

  8. lol, maybe I will try one of the games.

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